Training in Court Reporting Prepares People for Diverse Fields

Court reporting is not exclusive to just stenographers in court proceedings; there are a number of subspecialties that court reporting caters to. Official court reporters are the ones who are appointed by the court whose main task is to take a word-for-word record of the proceedings, which becomes the official record of the case. The bulk of their work rests on issues of importance to the jurisdiction of the court, all state agencies, and the legislature of committee or subcommittee in the legislature. Court reporters are generally in charge of managing the written records of court proceedings in all government, private, or court settings.

Aside from being designated as court stenographers, court reporting offers other opportunities. Just as all court reporters get the same education and training, a licensed or certified court reporter will have the experience and skills that will enable them to pursue a number of subspecialties, such as:

  • Judicial Reporting – known commonly as court reporting, this involves taking records of proceedings, administrative hearings and depositions, which can be done either by a freelance or as designated by the court
  • Broadcast Captioning – also called closed captioning, this job entails putting captions and subtitles through texts on the television, video screen, or other forms of visual display.
  • Real-time Captioning – just as with closed captioning, real-time captioning provides on screen, but is done in real-time. They are generally done during live events, emergencies or weather disinters, sports events, and television broadcasts.
  • Communications Access Realtime Reporting – CART is generally aimed for deaf or hard-of-hearing people in live-situations, such as in classrooms, religious services, seminars, speeches and many others.
  • Webcasting – provides real-time reporting for web-based events like corporate meetings, conferences, training seminars, and many others.

Being a court reporter, especially a licensed or certified one, can be a lucrative job. Court reporters are expected to be highly trustworthy and competent due to the weight and importance of their job, which is why those who seek to become a court reporter to get higher levels of certification can further expand their job options. A court reporter’s job description can differ according to the task they are assigned to do, therefore being knowledgeable and skilled in a number of areas and practices would be the key in excelling in the field.

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