Do E-Cigarettes Cause Popcorn Lung?

Using electronic cigarettes, often known as “vaping,” has become increasingly popular in recent years, and so has the prevalence of popcorn lung, a respiratory problem. Is this an accident? E-cigarettes, do not induce popcorn lung, a lung ailment.

Individuals who use e-cigarettes have not been identified in any cases reported of popcorn lung disease. One strategy to assist smokers in quitting is the use of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes may be to blame for an increase in the prevalence of popcorn lung among vapers over the past year.

What Disease Is Popcorn Lung?

The popcorn lung disease, which is also known as bronchiolitis obliterans, affects the bronchioles, which are the lungs’ smaller airways. These vital airways may get scarred and narrowed as a result, which can cause asthma, breathlessness, and coughing. Air enters your trachea, commonly called the airway, as you inhale. The trachea next divides into two bronchi, or airways, each of which leads to one of your lungs.

The bronchioles are the tiniest airways in your lungs and are formed when the bronchi divide into smaller tubes. It becomes very difficult for your lungs to get the air they require when bronchioles become scarred and constrictive, which is known as popcorn lung. Breathing in various hazardous chemicals or compounds, some of which are present in e-cigarettes, leads to popcorn lungs.

What Are The Symptoms Of Popcorn Lungs?

Popcorn lung can be misdiagnosed for other lung conditions because of its modest symptoms that are simple to ignore. People with other respiratory disorders, particularly chronic ones like asthma, may be unable to distinguish between recent symptoms and persistent concerns.

Numerous other substances besides diacetyl can also result in popcorn lung. Specific lung infections can also bring it on. After an illness or exposure to a toxin, symptoms often appear 2 to 8 weeks later and progressively worsen over the next weeks or months. 

The following are some of the warning signs and symptoms of popcorn lung:

  • Wheeze that is unrelated to asthma or bronchitis or any other illness.
  • Dry coughing nonstop.
  • Breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, particularly when exercising.
  • Unjustified fatigue.
  • Quick breathing.
  • If brought on by a chemical, the nose, mouth, eyes, or skin is prolonged irritated.

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